A couple of weeks before, a lot of rumors began surfacing around Hanger 13 asserting that the studio is currently working on Mafia 4 together with a remastered version of Mafia two .

Recent developments suggest that it appears since they’re currently hiring to get a new IP, people in the studio have plans for their project.

If Hanger 13 would be to operate on a brand new IP, we ought to wait and find out what could occur on the Mafia franchise.


Nevertheless, the protagonist and the narrative have the capacity for a sequel using polished and gameplay graphics.

But, working on a brand new IP does not automatically deny the rumors Mafia 4 and Mafia two Remastered from occurring.

Hanger 13 is a subsidiary of 2K Games with four divisions in Brighton, Prague, Brno, and Novato.

In Cooperation with Hanger 13, 2K Czech 2016, that was Mafia 3.

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