If things were going well, we would currently be a month and a half off in the much-anticipated launch of The Last of Us Part two, but using all the match’s recent delay, there is no knowing when we will finally get our hands on Naughty Dog’s forthcoming opus.

While there is not telling — awarded the delay — if the Game will come out, it appears Sony and Naughty Dog have down their heads to find out a way to publish the game.

In a current tweet, the match director, Neil Druckmannsaid that both parties have been”working hard” to ensure the game starts”when you can.


While this does not give us an notion about exactly what the release date is going to be, we could take heart in how the writer and writer are currently searching to get out the game the ate in the first.

Not long ago, in Addition, It came to light that Sony and Naughty Dog have been Contemplating an early release of this sport, while they figure out logistics because of its launching.

Only do not go expecting a demonstration to compensate for its delay anytime soon.

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