Brad Shaw Founder

Brad is the Founder of Yslemusebag. He always wanted to share his love of gaming with our readers with everything new in the gaming world.

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Charles Navarro Editor

Charles is the Editor for Yslemusebag. He likes to share the latest things in our gaming world and provide it to our readers.

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Cierra Helton Researcher

Cierra is the Researcher at Yslemusebag. She tries to find new things going on in our gaming world before anywhere else.

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Jessie Alvarado Writer

Jessie w0rks as the Writer for Yslemusebag. He loves to write about the latest things going on in our world and share it with our readers.

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Shane Kent

Shane is the Author working at Yslemusebag. He likes to write and have been writing for a few years now before joining Yslemusebag.

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