It seems to be shaping up to a major year for the franchise, even together with the upcoming Saints Row 3 remaster, the Saints Row 4 Shift interface, along with a presumable movie in the works. Many may be wondering, however, concerning the fate of Saints Row 5.

Now, the developer has confirmed a game is still in development at its studio, meaning that is likely to be Saints Row 5.

1 possible location would have been the now-canceled E3 2020, but with the continuing coronavirus having a massive impact on the gaming industry, fans will just have to wait and watch.

Additionally, it is worth considering at which the franchise can go after the end of Saints Row 4, since the Boss takes on the Zin Empire.

It could be an additional space-faring experience or it could build off an ending from Gat Out of Hell, but in any event, fans can expect a wild ride.

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